Mission Statement

Our mission is to vigorously defend, humbly serve and tirelessly represent the membership of GCA 577 by developing strong union leaders, by ensuring the membership has the highest level of education, knowledge and application of our working agreements and by protecting all current rights and benefits while continually seeking opportunities to improve the working conditions, wages and quality of life of our membership.


PLB 6719 Louisville KY March 2014 General Secretary: Buddy Piland Tuffy Goodrum - L/C 1524 Ren Dumas - L/C 1337 Jonothan Carroll - Local 293 Chairperson Joseph McIntyre - Local 293 Chairperson Jim Boehm - Local 1892 Chairperson Carlos Flores - Local 20 Chairperson Benny Dyer - Local 1458 Chairperson Scott Duncan - Local 293 Chairperson Adolphus Sharp - Local 524 Chairperson